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My name is Amy Warcup. I am a professor of massage therapy, a registered yoga teacher, a licensed massage therapist and an Asian body worker. During the past sixteen years my passion for Asian culture and its long history of poetic and often esoteric healing traditions has led me to travel to various regions of East and Southeast Asia. My fervency for travel has inspired me in recent years to take others along my journeys with me. In Fall 2011 I took a sabbatical from my full-time teaching career to travel solo to Thailand and Laos for ten weeks. I returned again to Thailand in May 2012 with a group of my massage therapy program graduates to study traditional Thai massage and to discover Thai culture. My past voyages to the eastern hemisphere have also included visits to China, Tibet, and Japan, where I have traveled both solo and also led and participated in group travel study programs.

When I am not navigating these wondrous cultures, I enjoy sharing information about various methods of healing work from around the world, their connection to the inner mysteries of the brain and human body, and our potential for healing through the support of these wellness methods.

This blog is not solely about unveiling some of the cultural mysteries of healing methods and belief systems from far off lands. It is also about living daily in western society with the exploration of these concepts in an intrinsic way with challenges, triumphs, and humor. I invite you to accompany me on this exploration as I continue to journey both domestically and abroad in search of world paradigms of wellness and healing methods.


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