Departure for Thailand: Summer 2015

Elephant Nature Park 044 (1024x682)In just four hours I will be flying over the great North Pole to enter the wonderful Land of Smiles for the first time in three years! This time, I’ll be accompanied by five of my former students from Finger Lakes Community College’s Therapeutic Massage program: Marcie, Natalie, Anne, Morgan, and Anna. While on our trip, I’ll be blogging frequently about our Thailand adventures and also intermittently introduce my travel companions on my 2015 trip. We will spending much of our time studying traditional Thai massage at the wonderful SVG Thai Massage Training Center in Chiang Mai, but also embark on several side trips to Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Pai, and to hill tribe communities.

Please come back and visit often, as I’m sure this trip is bound to be packed with an array of exciting adventures. For now, I bid you farewell as we take our journey on Etihad Airways to this tropical and most friendly country!


Amy ♡

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