A New Blog Post For A New Year

Amy at the METAs the New Year begins, I have set a goal for myself to revive my blog, which has been lying dormant for the past six months. I purposely am choosing the term ‘goal’ over the typical New Year ‘resolution,’ since a resolution may imply a decision that has already been made. After all, it has never been my intention to stop writing for six months. Often times, a resolution can be a template for potential failure when the moment of faltering arises. A goal, on the other hand, carries an element of potential, and it can always be revisited. There is an aim to which effort can always be applied. It has the ability to continue and grow, and allows room for infinite possibilities, even if the timeline is not clear.

So, here I am, beginning a new chapter of my journey on my wayfaring path. I haven’t traveled much these past six months, but I have recently been reminded that a new road can be paved anywhere. I don’t need to run to distant and exotic places to find newness. With that said, my nomadic tendencies haven’t left me, either. Indeed, I intend to travel to unfamiliar and far away places again. Until I do, however, I’m exploring many new adventures right here in my home city of Rochester, NY, which is currently a very glacial place to be. After yesterday’s heat wave of 32 degrees (F), today it climaxed to 13 degrees. As I sit here in my wool socks and fleece hoodie, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of spiced Indian herbal tea, I’m getting ready to begin writing again. New topics as well as familiar ones are going to be shared very soon. Until then, I can be found snuggling beneath five layers of blankets with my books, cats, and tea.

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