Three and a Half Days…

…And I will be departing for Thailand once again, but this time, I will have six new companions joining me. It has been two years since I set foot in the Land of Smiles, but the memories of my life while I was there always linger close to the surface of my mind and heart. Despite the mild anxiety of preparing for that deplorably long twenty-six hour flight we will soon be on, knowing the cultural treasure that awaits us on the other side of the planet makes it more than worthwhile.

Elephant Nature Park 2012 101 (1024x768)

As I make preparations to travel once again, I’d like to take the next few days to introduce my 2014 travel companions to you. So, please come back and visit me here often, as you are about to meet some intelligent, interesting, and spirited people who are very excited to experience Thai culture for their first time:

Samantha, Natalie, Morgan, Adam, Julie, and Keenan.

Arriving in Chiang Mai 016 (768x1024)

Until next time,





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