Tree Climbing and Lilac Admiring in Highland Park

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin


Yesterday I was awakened by the kiss of sunbeams blazing through my willowy translucent bedroom drapes. It was a perfect sunny day here in Rochester. The sun shone through a cloudless sky (although, I always have loved clouds, too). Temperatures lingered in the upper 70’s (F). It was far too lovely of a day to stay in bed, although…feeling the sun on my face was also too pleasant to not allow myself to linger for just a bit.

Lilacs (light)Lilacsclose-up

It was a perfect day to go to Highland Park; Rochester’s exquisite 155 Acres sprawl of rolling hills, sunken gardens, magnolias, tree gardens, amphitheatre, and, most of all, over 500 varieties of lilacs. It is just one week before the city’s 115 year old spring Lilac Festival begins. The festival is held in mid-May yearly, and includes area and regional art, food, and live music (some of this year’s lineup include The Campbell Brothers and The English Beat). Given that it was such a beautiful day, I thought I’d visit the park before the crowds of nearly 500,000 people show up to wander this lilac fairyland with their funnel cakes and Genesee beer.


The park’s lilacs cover over twenty-two acres of the park’s land. A colorful array of lilac trees and shrubs sprinkle the park. I visited as many of them as possible, taking in each one’s ambrosial aroma.



One of my other favorites in the park (aside from the lilacs, of course) are the breathtaking magnolias, which are now sensuously blossoming toward the sun, reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe’s feminine paintings.






Perhaps my favorite place in Highland Park, though, is the majestic peace graffiti tree. It is still one of the best climbing trees I’ve ever visited, even after all of my travels. 

Yes, I do love climbing trees. Given my summer attire, I wore the aftermath of scrapes along my forearms and legs as a reward from this venture. But, it was worth it. It is always worth it when climbing trees.

Amy - Tree climbing1



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