Welcome to my re-built blog: amy-warcup.com

Welcome to my blog, amy-warcup.com.

During the autumn and winter of 2011, I had the great pleasure of spending ten weeks in lovely Thailand as part of a sabbatical from my position as Assistant Professor at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY. I also returned to Thailand for a second trip during May and June of 2012, this time accompanied by a group of my former students. During this time, I was actively blogging on a site with the domain amywarcup.com. It is with great misfortune that the site was unexpectedly terminated after eleven months.  Here, I have rebuilt my blog to my new domain, and I am re-posting most of my previous writings and photos.

During this transition, however, I have discovered a couple of my posts, as well as some of my photos have been lost. One is my departure writing before my first flight to Thailand, and the other is my first post upon arrival to the fascinating and chaotic capital city, Bangkok. Despite my lost work, however, it is my hope that my journey still narrates a tale of my adventures to this captivating, beautiful, and unique country.

In the near future, I will be exploring the affects of sleep on memory and the aging process, after attending a recent seminar in Rochester, New York. Please come back and visit often!



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